Course Descriptions

ART 1214 – Beginning Studio: Drawing -- 4 credit hours

Develops observational skills and explores a variety of drawing media and subject matter. Students will become familiar with traditional and contemporary drawing applications while formulating inquiries for personalized artistic expression. ($20 lab fee.) Course rotation: Typically each semester. General Education: Core -- Inquiry & Analysis.

ART 2164 -- Design & Color -- 4 credit hours

An introduction to basic principles and concepts related to color and two- and three-dimensional forms. Students will develop creative problem solving skills by analyzing the properties and functions of various hands-on design applications. ($20 lab fee.) Course rotation: Typically each semester. General Education: Core -- Application & Integration of Knowledge.

ART 2153 -- Introduction to Photography -- 3 credit hours

Introduces the fundamentals of digital photography in both artistic and media contexts. Through the study of cameras, light, composition, and image manipulation, students learn the processes and aesthetic values needed to produce quality images. A hands-on approach allows students to explore their creativity though a series of projects. Also listed as JRNL 2153. Course rotation: Fall and spring.

ART 2623 -- Computer Graphics I -- 3 credit hours

This course is an introduction to the creation of art within a digital environment. Students investigate basic digital illustration techniques, image manipulation, principles of graphic design, and other digital image editing software applications. The course includes structured lessons and creative projects. Prerequisite: ART 2164. General Education: Intermediate -- Application & Integration of Knowledge.

ART 3633 -- Computer Graphics II -- 3 credit hours

Explores processes related to commercial graphic arts, industry practices, advanced digital image editing, as well as creative projects in digital format. Topics include design, layout, typography, and other digital media applications. Prerequisite: ART 2623. General Education: Intermediate -- Application & Integration of Knowledge.

ART 2743 -- Art History II -- 3 credit hours

Surveys historical developments of western visual art forms and architecture from the renaissance through the modern era. Course rotation: Typically fall. General Education: Core -- Engaged Local & Global Citizenship.

UXD 2753 –- Visual Communication and Culture -- 3 credit hours

The course will explore communication through images and the impact of new media on culture. Increasingly, global cultures are dominated by visual communication, from art to advertising, propaganda to documentary photography, and film to websites. People of all generations are becoming active producers and consumers of visual culture. As digital technology expands, expertise in visual communication and design becomes essential for meeting the challenges of the global culture. Strategies of interpretation and theories of visual logic will be introduced. General Education: Intermediate – Written Communication | Intercultural Knowledge and Competence.

UXD 3763 -- History of Digital Media -- 3 credit hours

Students will examine the birth, invention, key figures and progression of digital media. Through a series of lectures, assigned readings, and essays, students will explore the evolution of technology and innovative milestones that has made today’s digital media a global force.

ART 3413 -- Interactive Media Design -- 3 credit hours

Examination and application of the theories, skills, and techniques used in digital storytelling and interactive media. Through a series of hands-on projects, students explore creative application of interactive media through the integration of text, photographs, graphics, audio, and video. Also listed as JRNL 341. Prerequisite: Junior standing or instructor's permission. Course rotation: Fall of odd years.

UXD 3423 –- Interactive Programming -- 3 credit hours

Interactive programming is important when developing today’s digital solutions. Students extend beyond static code construction and are introduced to the fundamentals of interactive dynamic programming practices. Topics include orchestrating multiple languages, PHP programming and introduction to open source databases.

UXD 3513 -– Human Centered Design -- 3 credit hours

Today’s deign trends include getting stakeholders and end users involved throughout the entire design process. This class explores the iterative cycle of user-centric design, including: research, user empathy, personas, fidelity-level design and user testing. By applying Human Centered Design principles - solutions are more user-friendly, intuitive and rewarding.

COMM 4403 –- Communication Law & Ethics -- 3 credit hours

Study focuses on media law and ethical considerations in the contemporary communication environment. Topics include the First Amendment, libel, invasion of privacy, information access, free press and fair trial considerations, obscenity, copyright, advertising, and telecommunication regulations. Also listed as JRNL 4403.Course rotation: Spring.

UXD 3723 –- Digital Studio Topics in Interactive Design -- 3 credit hours

Students have studio and application experience in one of the fields of interactive design. Topics may include web design, mobile design, social media, product design, gaming or other aspects of interactive design. May be repeated three times for credit.

UXD 4214 –- Capstone in Interactive Design -- 4 credit hours

Students will complete a full-scale interactive design project using the human-centered workflow that demonstrates mastery of one of the areas in the field.
General Education:
Mastery – Written Communication | Creative Thinking | Intercultural Knowledge and Competence | Integrative and Applied Learning